Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Importance of Proper Bathroom Venting

   Lack of proper venting in bathrooms is a very common occurence. Simply not having any venting or improper vent terminantion. Proper venting is critical to removing moisture from your bathrooms. This moisture can cause many issues, the biggest issue being mold. Mold in the bathroom on walls and ceilings, and mold in the attic if not properly terminated to the exterior. Most of us will not travel to our attics too often and the ongoing effects could be creating serious damage and health implications.

Inspecting Your Roof


Inspect Your Roof and Flashings
Checking annually is a good idea but even better is to check in the fall before winter weather and again in the spring after the winter. In New England we can have extreme weather events throughout the year and during these events are when most roofs can suffer damage beyond normal wear and tear. Again the goal being to catch and repair the situation before it causes other major issues.