Monday, September 10, 2012

New Roof Design Tested By Deptartment Of Energy


  1. I checked out the link, and I must say that that new roof-and-attic system is certainly a must have! This new design can be a great help for me in the summer time as all of my relatives will be staying here for our reunion. You know, with this innovative roofing technology, I could reduce my electricity bill and increase my savings.

    Brook Daily

  2. Thank you for your interest, and your comments. It definitely is a more efficient design that will solve multiple issues I see regularly as I inspect homes.

  3. Brook here is right! It is very cost-efficient. I surmise that the installation process will not be expensive as the article said it can be attached to the existing roof. This means you don’t have to peel off your roof just to adapt this design. And of course, the energy savings you’ll get are certainly a bonus, especially with today’s rising energy costs.

    Keaton Oakes